10 Jun 2011

Yes Plus Panchkula

Yesplus is a  flagship course!

It’s a life skill workshop which provides tools helpful for youth it their Life.

Why Yes plus is so special?

“Through  Yesplus, one can skillfully break through Personal Barriers, Unhealthy  habits , or Inhibitions  that  might  have  otherwise  held  you  back.
Yesplus helps one to become a inspirational leader.
Kicking out stage fear is another positive feature of yesplus course.
One attains ability to flush out stress whether from family, friends, education or your job!
This is how the YES!+ so special. And all this in just 5  evenings!”

So after you are polished, you naturally get inspired to contribute to society through your careers and service.

Of course the Special thing about Yes plus Graduates is that will make you sport a happy shiney face and take your buddies by a surprise!

Some of the many Benefits of the dynamic Yesplus course:

  • ·         Learn to relax ,eliminate stress and increase Concentration level up to infinity
  • ·         Yesplus Strengthens Leadership Skills
  • ·       Enhance fitness and health
  • ·         Increase stamina/energy level
  • ·         Improve focus, clarity and memory
  • ·         Improve Relationship 
Yesplus in July 2011 
  • From 12thJuly'11 Yesplus workshop will be starting in Sec-10 Panchkula info:9872006401
  • From 13thJuly'11 Yesplus workshop will be starting in Sec-7 Panchkula info:9501724422
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